Case Study: Sydney University Great Hall – Floor-boxes

The Great Hall, one of the principal structures at the University of Sydney. It is located in the North corner of the heritage listed, Quadrangle building. The Hall is used for important ceremonies and graduations.

Client Problem:image-1
Existing floorboxes had data and power that they used for the portable Audio Visual Lecterns.These were constantly failing during important functions.

Investigations revealed 2 issues:
When the cleaners came to wash down the stage, water would drip inside the floor-boxes, ruin data terminations and cause an electrical hazard.
Another issue was that the data jacks would become flimsy and break from constant plugging and unplugging of the lecterns for each function

Elam’s Solution:
Waterproof housing of data and electrical was required.
Our techs designed a Stainless steel box, Waterproofed for the housing. Flimsy data outlets needed to be replaced with rugged Ethernet jacks and a waterproof casing that closed over the top of each jack

image-2The floorbox space was very small, so it required a very in-depth design process to ensure the best outcome. The final decision was to custom make an angled stainless faceplate that would be partially seated below the floor. This also allowed room for a weatherproof power outlet to fit.
Due to our persistence with the design, we created an end product that solved the problems of our client and also had a very professional appearance.
(see Pictures below)