Elam Case Study – Parramatta Speedway

Recently we terminated a fibre cable installation at the Speedway for a Showground Scoreboard. Everything was up and working ready for the races on the weekend. The raceway then had some grounds work completed with a back hoe and suddenly the scoreboard was not working anymore. The machine had damaged the conduit, pulled the fibre up out of the ground and broken it. It was Thursday and the scoreboard was needed Friday night!
Elam’s response was to have a technician onsite first thing Friday morning to begin investigating the extent of the damage. It was very important to establish whether the damage was only affecting the spot where it had been dug up or had the damage extended along the cable. Sometimes pulling on a cable will tighten corners further up the cable pathway and cause damage elsewhere. Luckily in this instance it could be repaired by installing a new pit, repairing conduit and then splicing the fibre cable back together. The scoreboard was back up and running Friday afternoon, ready for the big race!