The Problem:
Trade and Investment’s, Head office at Orange NSW was in urgent need of a cable Plant upgrade across 2 floors.

The ageing, Category 3 cabling was only able to pass through data rates at 10Mbps.

Drop-outs, slow response times from the Server meant lost productivity to this important NSW Government Department.

Tenders were called and Elam was invited to install a new, ADC Krone, Category Six cabling Solution.  The install encompassed 1200 x data outlets, 4 x remote data cabinets, upgrade to two Communications Rooms, and new SM and MM Fibre Optic cabling throughout.

Many of the existing cable routes were overlength and the new cable routes needed to address this problem. The most important aspect of the Installation was to keep all staff online and uninterrupted throughout their working day.

Active equipment was housed in one 38RU cabinet per floor, with the cabling terminated onto Krone cat3 modules on Wall Frames


The Solution:
Elam’s Data cabling team, delivered the project over 16 weeks, working night shift and weekends.

Roof Space was full of Power cables and several needed to be relocated to make way for the Data cabling pathways. Consolidation Points were placed in the ceilings so that future relocation of Workstations would be easy to re-cable.

Cutovers occurred on the weekends and were scheduled in consultation with the client. IT staff  from Industry and Investment were on hand to test each phone, PC and Printer as they were cutover by Elam.

The Krone Highband Solution was implemented because the wall Frames were already in place and there was not enough space in the Comms Rooms to install more Cabinets. Managing Materials and the Staff Rosters were important because Krone’s warehouse is located on the Central Coast and Elam Staff are all based in Sydney.

This Site is covered by a 20 year Warranty

Comms Room, Level 2, before work started All existing cabling was Category 3


As Built Plans


New Cat6 cabling replaced the cat3 cabling