Superior Fibre Optic Terminating and Testing.

Optical Fibre terminations need to be done right the first time. Fibre can be expensive if you do not choose a trusted company that has a proven track record of quality fibre cabling installations.

So, what can go wrong?

  • Glued connections, where the glue become brittle over time, cracking the fibre glass face.
  • Inexperienced people doing the terminations. Poor terminating techniques lead to high Db Losses, which limits the speed and quality of the signals
  • Harsh environments not taken into consideration. Fibre requires a clean environment
  • Inferior Connectors and patch lead
  • Lack of vermin control (mice love fibre!)

Fibre Cabling termination

Elam completes terminations using Fusion Splicing. We have Fusion Splicers designed to ensure that DB losses at the connectors are well within Australian Standard tolerances.  Fusion Splicing gives a high quality, low loss result

With technology moving quickly, we can also terminate to your required standard, rather than waiting for Australian Standards to catch up.

Elam is a trusted name in the industry. We complete Fibre terminations for many other electrical and cabling companies. We also complete Optical Fibre cabling for Universities, Schools as well as businesses and industrial companies.

Fibre Optic Cabling termination

Using the latest in Testing equipment, we can quickly pinpoint faults in your fibre optic cabling and make repairs immediately.

Once the Optical terminations are completed, we can supply Test reports on request. There is also peace of mind with our automatic 20-year warranty.

We have two vans equipped to fault find and terminate both Single mode and Multimode Fibre Optic cabling.

We use the latest S179 Fusion Splicers, OTDRs and Fluke testers

So, call us on 02 98092999 / 0418647250

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