Govt and Public School Cabling Scheme: SCM0020

Elam is an approved NSW Govt and Public School cabling company under contract scheme SCM0020.

Elam Communications P/L, trading as Elam Cabling Group, installs Cat6A and fibre cabling for NSW government entities, public schools, and TAFE colleges.

About The Scheme: SCM0020

The NSW Government and Public School Contract Scheme, ICT Services Scheme SCM0020, is a aimed at enhancing ICT services across the education sector.

Public schools can access cutting-edge technology with the SCM0020 scheme. ICT is used to support educational institutions in delivering quality services, from software development to network infrastructure and cybersecurity.

In partnership with Elam, the NSW Government aims to leverage innovation and efficiency, ultimately enhancing students’ learning experiences and making education more seamless.

In this initiative, we’re keeping up with technological advances and giving education the tools it needs to succeed.

Cabling Contractor Since 1998

Elam has been an approved cabling contractor since 1998. We have been there since the first OASIS cabling rollout, right up to present day where we are installing Wireless Access Units for classroom devices and updating Communications Rooms. We are very knowledgeable with the Department of Education’s cabling standards. This experience allows us to assist you with the provision of ICT services, telecommunications building cabling and digital infrastructure.

Fibre optic cabling and cat6A communications cabling is Elam’s core business. Being selected by the NSW government is a testament to the quality of service and standard of high workmanship that our staff has put into the NSW public sector in the last 23 years.

We can assist you with:

  • Data Cabinets

  • Aruba Switches.

  • Optical Fibre cabling – 12 and 24 core Single mode cabling
  • Cat6 and Cat6A data cabling

  • Fault finding on your Network

  • Trenching for underground cabling

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