Electrical Switchboard Installations

Help prevent injury and meet your WH&S requirements by having compliant electrical switchboards installed. Elam upgrades existing switchboards and installs into new fit outs. We can size your submains and switchboards to ensure you meet your electrical requirements for now and the future.

One of the key services we offer is Electrical Switchboard Installations. Use the experts when upgrading from an outdated old board that does not meet safety standards. If you have a new fit out then we can size a switchboard to suit your requirements.

Many old switchboards do not have the required safety switches to meet Australian Standards. They can be mislabeled and confusing. Electricity is not something to be lax about, and if something were to go wrong with an old switchboard, your office can be shut down for days while you get it repaired.

If you are concerned about the safety of your switchboard, Elam can complete a Thermal Imaging assessment to show if there are any dangerous hot spots! Many building fires have started because of hot joints and old switchboards.

We have experience with the sensitive nature of upgrading an existing switchboard. We understand that your business can’t be put on hold while power is rearranged within your building. Our techniques of prewiring cabling and setting up the cutover before taking the old switchboard down will ensure a seamless transition.

Our Electrical Switchboard Installations are fully compliant with the latest Australian Standards. Our switchboards range from 12 to 128 power and lighting circuits in a fully welded IP42 or IP56 enclosure. Our Electrical switchboard installations also include mandatory safety switches (RCDs), emergency lighting and test switches. We can even install switchboards into an external environment, all enclosed in an IP rated stainless steel enclosure.

At the same time that we are installing your electrical switchboard we can also supply and install new LED lighting and power outlets.

We know that your business operation is important to you, so the electrical switchboard installation cutover will occur at a time to suit you, generally overnight or on a weekend.

If you are interested in upgrading your old switchboard or you are working on a new project, call Elam today to see if the Schneider Electrics Switchboard would be a good fit for you.

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