Today, fibre optic cabling is considered the fundamental backbone of all high-speed data networks. There is an ever growing demand for faster signals with higher bandwidths. The speed of this growth requires forward thinking to “future proof” buildings for the demands of the future

Many networks are still running obsolete OM1 / 62.5 micron Fibre backbone links. If you have orange or grey fibre patch leads then this may indicate outdated OM1 fibre. If you are considering moving to 10gig applications then OM1 fibre cable will only handle 10GBase-SR to 33 metres in length! This is why OM1 is fast becoming obsolete. Using the same network equipment, the latest OM4 Optical fibre cabling can take 10gig applications up to 550 metres!

What type of Fibre do you need?
As fibre optic experts, Elam can calculate your fibre cabling needs. Not all fibre is fast fibre!
Once we know your application requirements and cable distances, we can then calculate the dB loss allowable. Our Fibre technicians  can tell you which cable will be the most efficient and economical for your business. We are also experienced in helping design your network to allow for fibre redundancy, clear and concise labelling ideas, fibre to the desktop solutions and also rack and comms room layouts. We can design to suit your situation, whether it be an existing building, a refurbishment or new construction.

OK so my fibre passes Australian Standards – but it’s still not working fast
Technology is moving quicker than the cabling standards. For instance, Australian Standards give cablers a set of loss limits. Sometimes a fibre link may pass all the correct loss limits but the fibre link will still NOT meet your application needs.
This is where it is important that your Cabling company understands what it is you want to use the link for.
You may require a link with a much tighter loss budget!
We can test your existing fibre to ensure it EXCEEDS the Australian standards and meets YOUR standards.
This is a discussion that should happen at the time you are designing your network to ensure you will be buying the correct network gear for the application; as well as having the correct fibre type and enough Fibre cores.

For example; You have installed some fibre cabling to your desktop for some high quality video editing software. Your main data cabinet is in the building next door, making it a 240 metre cable run. All other existing fibre is OM1 so you assume you should stick to the same type. You require 10G to allow seamless video and audio transmission. So you ask for quotes from cablers for OM1 Fibre. Once the job is completed, and you have paid for this installation, your application may still NOT work, even though you got what you asked for.
Network design is a very important topic to discuss with Fibre Optic designers if you do not understand the limits of fibre cabling. Make sure you are dealing with cablers that understand loss budgets!

Fibre Optic Installation Problems and faults

Other issues or faults Elam regularly resolve for clients;

– Incorrect patch lead types causing large losses in the network
– Old, hand terminated fibres, where the glue has degraded over time. This causes intermittent faults or sudden network failure
– Incorrect colour of  the through connectors causing confusion with the type of fibre installed.
– Fibre cables exceeding the bend radius. Mirco and macrobends reduce available bandwidth
– Through patching being done poorly, leading to excessive losses
– Dirt, dust grime and oils affecting the face of the fibre cores
– A very common occurrence is Rats! Rodent damage can happen along the length of the cable or even inside the fibre trays at your communications cabinet.

All of these faults require on-the-job experience and  special equipment to test the length of each fibre core. We can locate the exact point of damage, even if it is underground or behind walls. Elam trains all fibre technicians on-the-job, not just in a classroom. We prioritize each job by its’ urgency, so if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Our technicians are knowledgeable and efficient. The faster the fault is found, the faster we can repair or replace your damaged cable.

A 15 year warranty comes with each Fibre installation. If you look after your fibre cable, we guarantee that it will work for as long as you need it too.