Single Mode OS1, OS2

Singlemode fibre is “best in class” when looking speed up links between floors or between buildings. SM is future ready as well – speeds up to 100Gbps can be achieved.

Single Mode OS1, OS2

OS1 / OS2 is a single mode optical fibre cable specification, which is appropriate where fibre runs exceed 500 metres or you need higher transmission rates.

Hardware costs have come down significantly in recent years so many of our clients are choosing to deploy Singlemode links. Cable construction varies, depending on indoor or outdoor applications. Fibre core counts start at 6 fibres and can go as high 144 fibres for private networks. Terminations come in LC, SC or ST and are fusion spliced to ensure little to no signal loss.

We encourage customers to contact and let us know the kind of installation they are looking to complete. Our team of experts will explain the benefits of a singlemode installation for their specific project.

So many ask us “what is the difference between OS1 and OS2? Its simple: it is the type of glass that is in the cable. Loose tube cable construction is all OS2.

For the techies: OS2 is a zero-water peak cable that overcomes the obstacles that a typical cable can’t transmit at a certain wavelength. The wavelength range is wider and the transmission distance is farther. Specifically, OS1 10G can run 2kms, OS2 10G can run 10kms.

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