A new Building and refurbishment of the existing Admin heritage Building commenced work in September 2019 with Elam as the head Contractor for the Communications Network

Lyn Evans from Elam identified early on that a significant upgrade to the Main Comms Room was required in the Admin Building.

Through the Project Builder, Elam identified that the room needed:

  • Shelving removed to increase the room size.
  • Carpet removed and Vinyl Flooring installed
  • 2 x Additional Cabinets with 15Amp captive Power outlets for each Cabinet
  • Strong Lighting and Air Conditioning
  • Overhead cable trays
  • Increase in the number of Switch ports

The work was costed by Lyn and approved by the Project.

12 core singlemode Fibre cabling to all Comms Rooms were installed.

Elam techs installed the 9 x Aruba Switches  (5406 PoE and 2930f PoE) and connected the 10G Fibre links.

43 x Waps were mounted, with the final locations confirmed by Elam based on nearby equipment such as motion detectors and lights that interfere with Wap signals.

All Fibre Links and cat6A field outlets were patched by Elam and connectivity checked.


Elam was able to assist the project with not only the cabling, but check and recommend improvements to the original design. Elam was able to install the switches and complete the build end to end.

Greenwich Primary School now boasts a wonderful new learning centre, with strong and stable wireless and wired network connections.

The cabling is covered by a 20 year materials and Labour warranty from Elam.