The demand for bandwidth is rapidly increasing

Cable installation, with the advent of Server Farms, Data Centres, VoIP and Video Streaming, the demand for bandwidth is rapidly increasing. Businesses expect to send very large files quickly, and without any errors.

Companies, government, education and health sectors are setting up large file storage networks and will need a good quality cable installation to make it work. With the technology still evolving, I.T. staff have to replace switches and routers every couple of years and don’t realise that the existing cable may have become outdated. They expect the same cable they had installed years ago to handle the increase in bandwidth and speed.

VoIP telephony needs to deliver quality two-way conversations with no latency (pauses or gaps). A good cabling system, installed correctly, coupled with the right hardware, will ensure that this latency does not occur.

Video on demand is on the increase. It takes forever to ‘load up’ a video when surfing the internet and it is unacceptable when transferring video and other media files between employees working metres apart. The first to feel the effects of this are those who need the content to be of the highest quality; for instance, photos, videos, drawings, lectures, presentations and even real time video and voice transmissions between surgeons in operating theatres thousands of miles apart.

Elam Cabling Group will ensure that your next Fibre optic or data cabling installation will meet the needs of future technology.