We have a multimode Fibre optic cable game changer emerging for 2017, OM5 Fibre Optic Cable.

OM5 Fibre Optic Cable has OM4 Fibre capabilities, with added benefits of using numerous wavelengths down each core.

This is especially life-changing for data centres where space is extremely important!

Imagine being able to send the same data that would usually take 32 fibre cores – down just 8 cores.

OM5 Fibre Optic Cable utilises technology that allows the data to be sent down several wavelengths between 850nm and 953nm. The signals are spaced 30nm apart effectively making each transmission signal individual.  Importantly, Signals can get from A to B with relatively low cross talk. This means that you will be able to send 4 signals down 1 core at the wavelengths 850nm, 880nm, 910nm and 940nm.

OM5 Fibre Optic Cable

This mimics a parallel set of 4 multimode OM3 or OM4 fibre cores, each sending 25G.  All within 1 OM5 core.

When making the new OM5 Fibre Optic Cable, manufacturers have insured backward compatibility with OM4 for ease of integration with your existing systems. The fibre is also 50 micron, which means all existing OM4 installations can stay in place and you can through patch directly to the new OM5 cable. However the entire fibre length will have the characteristics of OM4.

The properties that determine cable length for transmission will not be changed. When comparing OM4 to OM5 cable lengths you will not see any difference. The benefits are all seen when moving large amounts of data down minimal cores. This has a huge impact on data centres where the average cable length is 50m and the demand for 40G links is ever increasing.

It is expected that all new multimode installations will now be OM5. This wideband backbone cable will ensure all future network demands will be easier to meet!

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