I am often asked: What is The Cloud and what is the relationship between my Fiber Cabling, Data Cabling and Cloud computing?

The need to store vast amounts of Data used to mean a large hard drive on your PC, more servers in the I.T Room or Data Centre.  However, with Cloud Computing, you do not need to store your informational data in your office.
So much information is now freely available online, that re-creating that information is not needed; you can simply do a search online and someone will have already posted it, either for free or for a fee.
Why re-create the Wheel?  If you need a Wheel simply go and buy one. They is no need to design and manufacture one, someone has already done this work for you.

The Cloud can also hold company specific information. Don’t waste your floor space and money on I.T. requirements; lease the Server space and associated technical support that you require.

Companies will utilize Offsite Servers. They will let the Internet become their Information Highway.
The networks that connect them together will need to be fast; superfast; Broadband fast!   Providers will need to offer flexible and affordable Cloud Space, coupled with 100% Uptime, service availability, infrastructure scalability, security, application performance and a genuine Helpdesk.

Nothing will work if you do not have superfast copper and Optical Fibre cables installed.
Data Cabling is the physical highway that will connect you with the offsite world of the Internet and the Offsite Server: The Cloud.

Only good quality Optical Fibre and Copper connectivity will keep your Network fast, secure and reliable.
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Why reinvent the Wheel?

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