Upgrade to digital CCTV to keep your business safe. Upgrade to digital CCTV to Keep your business safe with Vision-surveillanceIf you have an existing analog video system in place it may only be working as a mild deterrent for criminals.

Imagine all the ways a criminal could affect your business, then have a think about the cameras you have in place already. Do you feel safe and confident that you have eyes where you need them?

Ways an upgrade to digital CCTV system can help get evidence after a crime:

  • Catch number plates to identify vehicles
  • Picture clarity – Show detailed features of the persons height, weight, hair colour etc.
  • Give you an exact time of the incident
  • Show different angles of an area to avoid ‘blind spots’

Watch some impressive zoom clarity on a Rhinoco camera

Elam-cable-installer-terminating-digital-CCTV-network-cabling. Upgrade to digital CCTV to Keep your business safeMost companies realise that it is well worth the upfront cost to upgrade to digital CCTV. You can start small and easily add more cameras later down the track, investing only the amount you want to spend right now. This is great as no business owner should delay important security measures. If you want to discuss keeping old analog cabling, give us a call to ask about your situation, it may not be quite as straight forward.

Buying new cameras to fit into an existing coax cabling system may leave you with limitations on locations and distances of the cameras. This type of system is also difficult to add to later.

Another benefit of  an upgrade to digital CCTV to keep your business safe is that you can view footage remotely from your smart phone or tablet! This is not only perfect for easily viewing who is standing at your front door with a flick of your phone, but also handy for other areas of your business.

Imagine being concerned about an important delivery, you are running late on the way back to your office, what if your delivery gets left out the front unattended?! If you have upgraded to digital CCTV cabling you will be able to check your phone and see if your parcel has been delivered.

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