In May 2015, Elam were awarded the Tender to install Wireless cabling and Units in the Chemistry Auditorium.
The work involved a new Communications Room, complete with Air conditioning, a Rack technologies IQ rack, Power, lighting.
24 core Singlemode Fibre was installed to link the Auditorium to the Main Comms Room in Chemistry.

The wireless Units themselves were cabled using and   TE Connectivity’s Cat6A F/UTP cabling solution.
All work was based around the  four Lecture Theatre time tables, which are always in heavy use.

The Elam cabling team started each day at 5AM and installed cable pathways and the cat6A outlets before the start of Lectures.
All outlets were tested using the Fluke DSX-5000 and labelled.

Test results were issued to the Client on Completion of the Project.