Elam was engaged to install the communications cabling throughout this new building.

Fibre Cabling

Composite singlemode / Multimode loose tube fibre was installed back to the Campus Distributor in the Admin Building

A redundant fibre was installed down to the headend at Big Cats. This redundancy gives the I.T. Staff another Link in case damage occurs to the Main link going to the Campus Distributor.

The other two Communication Rooms inside the Retreat were also linked with composite,fibre

Total – 4 x fibre links

Cat6A Commscope Data cabling

Elam is a long-term installer of cabling at Taronga Zoo. We chose Commscope Cat6A shielded products for this site for its robustness and quality.

295 x cat6A ports were installed


Quality cat6A data cabling and Fibre Optic cabling with a 20 – year warranty on parts and labour